Midtown Mystiques Synchronized Swimming Team (Newport News, VA)



While there is evidence of swimmers performing ballet-like maneuvers in ancient times, the origin of synchronized swimming as an organized, competitive sport only dates back to the late nineteenth century.  The first competitions were held in Berlin, Germany in 1890 and involved only male performers.  In 1907, the first female synchronized swimmer was Annette Kellerman, who performed her water ballet inside a glass tank at the New York Hippodrome.  In 1923 Katherine Curtis started the first water ballet club at the University of Chicago, called the Modern Mermaids.  The most famous synchronized swimmer was the actress, Esther Williams.  Ms Williams, a U.S. freestyle champion and Olympic contender, portrayed Annette Kellerman's life in the musical, Million Dollar Mermaid.  She also performed in a string of MGM "aqua musicals" in the a1940's and 1950's , which inspired young girls everywhere to begin learning synchronized swimming.


 ESTHER WILLIAMS in "Bathing Beauty"


 Syncronized swimming is a hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and dance.  It involves strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, and artistry.  The swimmers perform choreographed routines to music.  In 1952, synchronized swimming showcased at the Olympic Games and it became an official Olympic event in 1984.  This sport is governed internationally by FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation Amatueur).



1984 TEAM Routine (Now Compare to a 2009 Team Routine! Spectactular!!)



2009 Santa Clara Aquamaids Junior Team


There are six competitive levels of synchronized swimming.  New swimmers typically begin at the Novice or Intermediate level, depending upon their age and swimming ability Novice (beginner), Intermediate, Age Group (advanced levels by age), Junior, Collegiate ( College students), and Master (21 and up). 


Synchro ranks high among the most popular amateur sporting events in the world and its athletes have the chance to compete at many different levels.  Every person past and present, has come to the sport with a goal in mind, whether it is to become an Olympian, artist, or merely challenging themselves.  The main goal for most of those involved is to make friends and have fun!

FUN ROUTINE with Bill May and Anna Kozlova (Professional Synchro Swimmers) ~"ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER!!"~ 


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